Sunday, October 31, 2010

This is Halloween

Happy Halloween everyone!
Last night my boyfriend and I had so much fun at the party we went to. I spent most of the day making cupcakes to bring to the party and then I had to work at 6 so it ended up being a late night and I am sooo tired but at least today I have the day off :)

For the party, I made little chocolate spider cupcakes. They had Twizzler legs, Reeses Pieces eyes, and candy corn fangs. They were also covered in yummy chocolate sprinkles. They were a big hit!

I knew for a while what I wanted to be for Halloween but trying to find something for my boyfriend to be that matched mine was hard.

But after thinking for a while, I came up with a wonderfully corny idea...

a cupcake & muffin duo!

My costume consisted of a brown tulle skirt to look like the bottom of a cupcake, and a white tank top covered in different colored pom poms to look like sprinkles. The costume was even topped off with a cherry headband that I made from glittery red foam.

Rusty's costume was simply a brown T-shirt covered in blue poms poms so that he would resemble a blueberry muffin.
(he was a trooper in letting me embarass him haha)

To top off the corniness, I added the lettering on back :)

Tonight I absolutely cannot wait to see my little brother and sister all dressed up to go trick-or-treating. It will be so cute and I am so excited!

On a sad note though...tonight is the last night I get to spend with my boyfriend before he goes on his business trip tomorrow. Ugh I will miss him so incredibly much.

Have a wonderful Halloween!

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