Thursday, October 21, 2010

Day 11 of the 30 Day Blog Challenge: Favorite T.V. Shows

Oh boy...LOVE this. Television completes me. Here is my T.V. schedule from Monday through Sunday.

American Pickers (History Channel)
Pawn Stars (also on the History Channel)

Cupcake Wars- Recently cancelled? :(
Teen Mom (Just watched Finale Special but they are filming a third season! Yay!)

Law & Order: Special Victims Unit
L.A. Ink
South Park (Mostly just watch it because boyfriend makes me)

Project Runway

Don't have a show for this night...but I watch endless amounts of Food Network during the day before I have to work that night. My favorite show is Cooking For Real. I just love Sunny's recipes!

This is movie night- no T.V. for me :)

The Simpsons
The Cleveland Show
Family Guy

I learned a lesson worth sharing...
        In my humanities class we recently discussed the statement, "Everything happens for a reason". My humanities teacher, along with other students, were arguing the statement and questioning the reasons God has for letting unfortunate events happen. This definitely got me thinking and it made me realize that obstacles are put in our way to shape our souls. Without these tests of faith, our path of life would be boring and completely pointless. Saying this, God also puts different people in our lives to teach us lessons about life (sometimes even in the most random, coincidental places).
        My path was recently tested by a hurtful person hiding behind a mask of righteousness and I think it was God's way of warning me against those types of people. I am certainly not a person to judge but I think that there are so many people out there that claim to be something they are not- another words they are hypocrites. They can say how close they are to God one minute, and the next minute they are harassing someone with name calling. It's very sad and pathetic but it happens and I have definitely learned to be aware that those people are out there. I very much appreciate the lesson God has taught me and know that the only way to get through to the confused soul is to be the bigger, more mature person.

Have a great Thursday everyone...only one more day 'till Friday!

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