Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Day 17: Something You Are Looking Forward To

I am looking forward to tonight! After I take my computer test, my boyfriend and I are carving our pumpkin. I really want to carve some sort of creepy owl into it. Something like this:

Tonight we are also going fruit shopping. Sounds weird, I know. We are actually going to buy fruit to dissect and get the pit/seeds. We have started the beginnings of a garden and we have a lot of vegetables but want some fruit to join the party! This is our little greenhouse:

Each little round houses a different vegetable and we made a little diagram so that we know what is what. We are looking forward to see them sprout!

I am definitely looking forward to this weekend! All day saturday I am baking goodies to bring to my friend's Halloween party. Then on Sunday I have the entire day off from work so I am going to church and then taking the little bro and sis trick-or-treating that night. It's going to be so much fun :)

Something I am not looking forward to is my boyfriend leaving on Monday. He is going to be gone for four days on a business trip for his job. I am so happy for him but I am going to miss him like crazy. Something I am looking forward to though is all the time I will have to work on my research paper for my hospitality class. My plan is to use all the extra time I will have to finish that paper and get that weight off my shoulders!

I am looking forward to Thanksgiving. Turkey and mashed potatoes are yummy!

CHRISTMAS! and winter break! Like I have said before, I need a vacation and am very much looking forward to the break from school.

I am looking forward to the future! I can't wait to graduate, move into my own house, pursue my career further...etc...

Thinking about all of the positive things I have to look forward to has made my day :) Hope it does for you guys too!

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