Tuesday, May 31, 2011

I'm Baaaaccckkkk!

No I did not die or get taken or disappear...I was taking a much needed break for a while. I had a very bad week (just lots of drama with family, work and the boyfriend) followed by a really amazing week (this past week and Memorial day weekend). This past week was so relaxing and enjoyable because I had a lot of time off from work and also got to spend a lot of time with my family and boyfriend which was exactly what the doctor ordered!

My week started with just pure relaxation. My boyfriend had the stomach flu on Monday so I went to his house and took care of him while also just pretty much laying around all day. I did have time to do my nails though :) I have recently become obsessed with Sally Hansen's Nail Effects. They are easy to put on, super cute, and stay on a long time!
On Wednesday I had a wonderful date night with my boyfriend. We had Japanese food at our favorite restaurant Sho-gun followed by a movie night at his house. We watched the movie, The Rite. Scary scary scary movie! Oh and on Wednesday we had a technology-free night. It was so nice to have my boyfriend laying next to me rather than on the computer or his cell phone. It was so relaxing.
On Wednesday night we also sang "Happy Birthday" to my boyfriend's little brother, Sam. My boyfriend was cracking jokes right before the picture was taken so of course I look ridiculous because I am laughing hysterically.

On Friday night the boyfriend and I went to see The Hangover Part II. Yes it is very inappropriate but if you are looking for a good laugh, go see this movie!

On Saturday, Rusty and I took Sam out shopping for his birthday gift. He ended up picking out some new video games that he really wanted. My boyfriend and I worked Saturday night and I worked Sunday but we both had yesterday off for Memorial Day! We did some gardening in the morning and then went out to eat with his family at my dad's Mexican restaurant. It was such a productive and relaxing day and the perfect way to end the week.

Oh and during this entire week I have been addicted to watching the Casey Anthony trial. I am watching it right now as I create this blog post. I just find it so fascinating and it's weird that everything that happened took place here in Central Florida. I hope that justice is served and that if she did murder her daughter, she gets what she deserves.
I hope that everyone has a wonderful Tuesday and yay for this short week!

Monday, May 16, 2011

Miscellany Monday

Miscellany Monday @ lowercase letters

one. I made a very last minute decision this morning. I dropped my summer school class! I decided that I can always take two classes next summer and that I deserve to have my entire summer break. I have been encountering so much stress lately so I felt it would just be best to not push myself into something I didn't have to do.

two. Please pray for my family and I. I feel like my family is falling apart...I have been nothing but completely responsible and respectable but my parents have been questioning me constantly. I don't know what I did to make them lose trust in me (I truly don't) but I feel like I don't deserve to be treated the way they are treating me. It makes me feel like all my hard work with school, working three jobs, and helping around the house are just going unnoticed. I work hard so that I can prove myself as a valued member of my family and my boyfriend works just as hard to do so; he has always been very close with my family. So why all of the sudden are he and I being treated like we can't be trusted?? It is leaving me feeling  confused and really hurt.

three. Yesterday I had a lovely day at my boyfriend's house. We gardened in the morning. All of our plants are fruiting! We have watermelons, tomatoes, cucumbers, tomatillos, eggplants, cannelope, okra...etc. It is so exciting to see results after putting so much hard work into it. Yesterday we also went to Ruby Tuesday with Rusty's family for lunch. The food was so delicious! Don't know why I had never been there before.

four. With all of this time I am going to have on my hands, today is going to be dedicated to cleaning, cleaning, cleaning. I am going to clean out the inside of car and my bedroom today. I love feeling productive :)

I apologize for the mixed emotions in this post but that's how I feel! I am so happy when I am with my boyfriend's family but I feel like being with my family is the complete opposite. I am just hoping and praying that all of this passes because I am determined to have a good summer.

Happy Monday friends!

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

The big 8

Happy Birthday to my lovely sister Kloe!

She is 8 today :)

It's so hard to believe it has been eight years since she was born. Kloe was born on Mother's Day eight years ago and she definitely has been a blessing to my family. 

Happy Wednesday!

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

If it's not one thing...it's something else.

Happy Tuesday lovelies!

I know I promised more blogging from me after school ended but I didn't realize that I would be scheduled at work a ridiculous amount. I have been working nonstop at the restaurant and am sooo exhausted. It really hasn't felt at all like summer and it sucks because I start my summer class next week. I am hoping to maybe go to the beach on Sunday though so that I can relax at least once during the two weeks I had off.

Regardless of working again tonight, I am determined to have a good day and maybe do some late night swimming after work. I really wish there was more for me to blog about but it's just been work, work, and more work for me lately!

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

What I'm Loving Wednesday

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I am loving that I am freeeee of school...at least until my summer class starts but nonetheless I get two weeks off.

I am loving that last night the boyfriend and I had a double date with my BFF Hannah and her boyfriend, Robbie. We went to Chilli's and I had the beef fajitas...yummy!

I am loving that on Monday I got to enjoy a yummy cucumber and tomato salad straight from Rusty's garden.

I am loving that Rusty and I are finally caught up on The Big Bang Theory! We have been watching it nonstop to catch up with Season 4. Really funny show so watch it :)

Have an amazing Wednesday!