Monday, March 28, 2011

I am very much alive!

I hate how right now I don't have time to blog but while I have a few minutes, I just wanted to let all of you know that I am doing great! Now that I have three jobs plus school, I am extremely busy so I am so eager for summer vacation. Until then I will be absent a lot but just know that all of you are in my thoughts and that as soon as school is over, I will be here just as frequent as I used to be :)

Things I have been up to lately??

My first day on the job as a wedding videographer...long 12 hour work day (that I am not used to yet).

Beautiful weather in Florida (except today it's pouring rain!) permitted me and the boyfriend to do lots of gardening and a lovely day at the beach yesterday.

Three group projects all due within the next couple weeks.

A girls' day out with my little sister. Lots of shopping!

Working four nights a week as a server.

Baking galore! An abundance of cookies and cupcakes have been spoiling my boyfriend and our families.

House-sitting for my boyfriend's uncle. LOVE their dog, Katie.

And much, much more. I actually have five weddings I am working in April so the busy feeling in my life isn't stopping anytime soon!

I love you all and have a wonderful Monday :)

Monday, March 14, 2011

Miscellany Monday

Okay I have realized that until the end of this semester, I am just going to be too busy to post as much as I used to. Mondays are really the only days I have time to post because I have such a huge break between classes so I might just be posting miscellany on Monday for the next month and half of school that I have left. Sorry!
Miscellany Monday @ lowercase letters

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one. Praying for Japan! It's so sad to watch the news. A family friend of ours has family living in Japan and she still has yet to hear from them. It's so scary and I really hope she hears from them soon. 

two. Last week was my Spring Break and yesterday I was depressed that I had to come back to school today. I loved sleeping in however I wish I had taken more time off from work. Even though I didn't have school, I wish I was able to enjoy my time off more rather than work constantly. Definitely learned my lesson for next year.

three. During the week it was work, work, work but this weekend the boyfriend and I accomplished so much. After many visits to The Home Depot, we finished transplanting all of our germinating seeds to the beds. It was a lot of work but we got it done in one day and tanned a little while doing so :) We are so happy to have it done and we can't wait 'till we have lots of veggies to enjoy!

Tomatoes will ripen soon! (From last season's batch)
four. I just got a third job! My boyfriend's parents own a wedding videography and photography company called Rhodes Studios and I am their newest videographer. One of their videographers quit on them and they need a replacement so they offered me the job and I gladly accepted. I begin training this Sunday and I think it will be lots of fun but I am a little worried that I will be stressed out. In addition to working as a waitress, I still have my bridal assistant job and now have a new videography job. That is a lot of working but his parents assured me they would be understanding of my schedule.

five. Tomorrow I have a parade presentation for my Entertainment Event class. We are focusing our parade on hometown heroes and I represent the education/teacher float. Our group leader wanted each girl in the group to have a guy counterpart so my boyfriend is taking off work to be there for me. I am also bringing my little brother to represent the students in education. It's going to be so cute and I hope I can get pictures of the parade!

six. I am so excited for Wednesday because that is when I am going to cook my Irish feast :) I would do it on Thursday (actual St. Patrick's Day) but my boyfriend and I both work at the restaurant that night. I plan on making Shepherd's Pie (thanks Ty for the suggestion!), baked potatoes with lots of toppings, possibly a salad of some sort, and still working on the rest of the menu...BUT I decided on the cupcakes I am making and I am going with a chocolate cupcake that has a chocolate ganache Irish cream filling and an Irish cream buttercream. They are going to be so good so I can't wait.

Happy Monday everyone and Happy early St. Patrick's Day if I don't have time to post!

Monday, March 7, 2011

Helllooo Spring Break!

I am so very sorry that I was absent like all last week but to say I was busy is an understatement. Teachers love to give midterms right before Spring Break so studying and working was what I was doing.

But today marks the first day of my Spring Break :)

And I am beyond excited.
Miscellany Monday @ lowercase letters

one. Yesterday I didn't have work or homework to worry about so it was an amazingly productive day. (This was my planned beach day but it was not beach weather yesterday.) I woke up early and helped my boyfriend start planting the garden. We planted all the beets and cucumbers and have to wait just a little bit longer to plant the other fruits and veggies.

two. We also made a trip to Target because my boyfriend needed to buy sheets for his bed. While we were there, we bought a garlic herb marinade because we were going to make dinner. We made chicken and mashed potatoes which I thought turned out really good but of course the picky boyfriend didn't approve.

three. Wednesday I am going to Rock Springs with some co-workers of mine. It should be lots of fun and I never chill with them outside of work so I am eager to do so! Spring water is usually freezing though so hopefully it's a nice warm day here in Florida.
four. Saturday I am planning to finally go to the beach. I have to go to the beach at least once during my Spring Break right??

five. Since my boyfriend is Irish and St. Patrick's Day is coming up, I am planning on cooking an Irish dinner and maybe baking some St.Patrick's Day cupcakes. I am thinking beer frosting. I just need to find some good recipes.

Happy Monday!