About Me

15 random facts to get to know me by:

One: I was born in Santa Monica, California and lived there for 8 years before moving to Florida. California weather is the best!

Two: I am Mexican, Costa Rican, German, and Dutch. My pale skin comes from the German/Dutch in me. I wish I was naturally tan :(

Three: I have an intense television schedule and since I work nights a lot, I could not live without my DVR. House, Teen Mom, Law & Order SVU...just a few of my favs.

Four: I love cooking. Finding new recipes to try is one of my favorite things to do! My boyfriend is extremely picky though so I usually edit the recipes to his liking.

Five: Out of my three siblings, I am the only one that got my mom's green eyes. The rest have brown eyes like my dad.

Six: I am addicted to getting my nails done.

Seven: I have been dating my boyfriend, Rusty for a year and a half now. Love him so much!

Eight: I love playing with makeup. I watch endless amounts of YouTube tutorials on applying makeup and I get so excited when I get new makeup to add to my collection.

Nine: I can't stand walking around barefoot. I always have to have shoes or slippers on.

Ten: I spoke Spanish until I was three and only Spanish. We had a Spanish nanny and both my parents are bilingual so I didn't start speaking English 'till I was put in daycare. You wouldn't know it now; I can only speak very little, if any at all! It's very sad.

Eleven: My favorite color is green. It's so relaxing and reminds me of nature.

Twelve: I love owls. I think they are absolutely adorable.

Thirteen: I have an obsession with weddings- hence me wanting to be a wedding planner. Something about being with the one you love and the commitment is so beautiful to me.

Fourteen: Cupcakes make me happy. They are easy to make and the perfect sized dessert.

Fifteen: I take a nap at least once a day. I would be exhausted if I didn't. A lot of people call me a grandma for doing so but sleeping is one of my favorite things to do, as sad as that sounds.