Sunday, October 31, 2010

This is Halloween

Happy Halloween everyone!
Last night my boyfriend and I had so much fun at the party we went to. I spent most of the day making cupcakes to bring to the party and then I had to work at 6 so it ended up being a late night and I am sooo tired but at least today I have the day off :)

For the party, I made little chocolate spider cupcakes. They had Twizzler legs, Reeses Pieces eyes, and candy corn fangs. They were also covered in yummy chocolate sprinkles. They were a big hit!

I knew for a while what I wanted to be for Halloween but trying to find something for my boyfriend to be that matched mine was hard.

But after thinking for a while, I came up with a wonderfully corny idea...

a cupcake & muffin duo!

My costume consisted of a brown tulle skirt to look like the bottom of a cupcake, and a white tank top covered in different colored pom poms to look like sprinkles. The costume was even topped off with a cherry headband that I made from glittery red foam.

Rusty's costume was simply a brown T-shirt covered in blue poms poms so that he would resemble a blueberry muffin.
(he was a trooper in letting me embarass him haha)

To top off the corniness, I added the lettering on back :)

Tonight I absolutely cannot wait to see my little brother and sister all dressed up to go trick-or-treating. It will be so cute and I am so excited!

On a sad note though...tonight is the last night I get to spend with my boyfriend before he goes on his business trip tomorrow. Ugh I will miss him so incredibly much.

Have a wonderful Halloween!

Saturday, October 30, 2010

Day 20: Nicknames & Start of My Weekend

My main nickname is "K". My boyfriend and his family call me K and it's weird if they randomly call me Kalina which happens once in a while.

My nickname in high school was "Kali". My friend Jessica called me Kali Girl because I am indeed from California.

My little brother and sister call me "Nina" because Kalina is too difficult for them to pronounce. It's cute when my little brother tries to say my whole name...he totally butchers it like most people do.

My grandparents call me "Kalanita" which is made up Spanish for "Little Kalina". They speak English to me but they sometimes add some Spanglish to their vocabulary.

The start of a wonderful weekend...

Okay so last night my boyfriend and I transferred the plants in our greenhouse to seperate pots. We organized them with cute little labels. The plants are getting so big so fast! I can't wait to get some fruits and veggies :)

Today I am baking some cupcakes and one other thing (I haven't decided on) to bring to my friend's Halloween party tonight. I can't wait! It's going to be so much fun and I will post pics tomorrow of my boyfriend and I in our costumes.

Yesterday I did some shopping online because there was a great sale. Charlotte Russe has a sale on all their outerwear for 30-50% off and their shoes (including boots) are buy one get one for just $15! The sale is still going on today so check it out :)

That's it for now. Have a great Halloween weekend!

Friday, October 29, 2010

Day 19: Something You Miss

Oh I have so much to do today! I just came back from bringing pizzas to my boyfriend's work and then I have laundry to fold, have to get potting soil from Home Depot, and then work on some homework all before I have to work as a hostess tonight. It's going to be a long Friday...

And today's challenge is very deppressing for me. The first thing that comes to mind is my dog. This past April, my dog Tika passed away and I miss her so much. I can honestly say, I remember the day we got her. I was three years old, almost four, and we drove to Southern California to go get a puppy (we were living near San Francisco so it was a LONG drive). I was so excited. When we got to the Toy Poodle breeder's house, the puppies were running around in the front yard. I instantly knew I wanted the smallest little girl- all black with a white patch on her neck. We named her Tika because "Tika" means "Costa Rican Girl" in Spanish. She was so tiny you could fit her in the palm of your hand! After that, Tika was my baby and she went with me everywhere. She even came on the plane with us for the move from California to Florida. She was such a sweet little blessing in my life and after fifteen years of having her, it was so hard to lose her. I know she is in Heaven running around like she did when she was a puppy and that thought alone is what comforts me.

We thought the sunglasses matched her collar perfectly :)

She was such a little lap dog and sooo sweet. Miss you and love you Tika!

Thursday, October 28, 2010

Pumpkin Fun

Okay so last night was so much fun. While watching The Messengers, my boyfriend and I carved our pumpkin. I have to say, I am very proud of the way it turned out because I took a plain carving stencil from a carving kit and added detail to it. I drew right on the pumpkin with permanent marker and added the feathers on the owl, the lines on the tree, and added the haunted house. It took three hours to finish but I LOVE it!

I think he had too much fun stabbing the pumpkin to get the stem off.

Notice the McDonald's Caramel Mocha. Mmm so good.

It was so slimy and gross. My boyfriend was too much of a baby to do it though so it was all me.

We saved the seeds! We are going to plant some in our greenhouse and roast some :)

You can still see some of the sharpee left on the pumpkin where I drew the feathers.

...After I finally finished and the sharpee was wiped off.


Have a great Thursday!

Day 18: Something You Regret

There aren't a lot of profound events in my life that I regret but I do regret being so hard on myself in high school. In high school, I was so pressured and focused on keeping my gpa up that I didn't have much room to enjoy myself. I would miss out on fun events at school to stay home and do homework and study. Granted, all my effort and hard work got me accepted to UCF as a freshman, but I wish I could look back and say that high school included some of the best times of my life. I have now learned how to balance a social and student life plus two jobs on top of that but I think it took me too long to learn that lesson.

But I am a student at UCF because of all that hard work and I certainly appreciate the path God has put me on.

Brothers, I do not consider that I have made it my own. But one thing I do: forgetting what lies behind and straining forward to what lies ahead, I press on toward the goal for the prize of the upward call of God in Christ Jesus.

Philippians 3:13-14

On a lighter note...

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Day 17: Something You Are Looking Forward To

I am looking forward to tonight! After I take my computer test, my boyfriend and I are carving our pumpkin. I really want to carve some sort of creepy owl into it. Something like this:

Tonight we are also going fruit shopping. Sounds weird, I know. We are actually going to buy fruit to dissect and get the pit/seeds. We have started the beginnings of a garden and we have a lot of vegetables but want some fruit to join the party! This is our little greenhouse:

Each little round houses a different vegetable and we made a little diagram so that we know what is what. We are looking forward to see them sprout!

I am definitely looking forward to this weekend! All day saturday I am baking goodies to bring to my friend's Halloween party. Then on Sunday I have the entire day off from work so I am going to church and then taking the little bro and sis trick-or-treating that night. It's going to be so much fun :)

Something I am not looking forward to is my boyfriend leaving on Monday. He is going to be gone for four days on a business trip for his job. I am so happy for him but I am going to miss him like crazy. Something I am looking forward to though is all the time I will have to work on my research paper for my hospitality class. My plan is to use all the extra time I will have to finish that paper and get that weight off my shoulders!

I am looking forward to Thanksgiving. Turkey and mashed potatoes are yummy!

CHRISTMAS! and winter break! Like I have said before, I need a vacation and am very much looking forward to the break from school.

I am looking forward to the future! I can't wait to graduate, move into my own house, pursue my career further...etc...

Thinking about all of the positive things I have to look forward to has made my day :) Hope it does for you guys too!

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Day 16: Dream House

I know every one of you has seen The Notebook and the house that Noah fixes up...that's my dream house. Add a screened pool in the backyard and some beautiful flowers in the front and that's my gorgeous future home.

The inside of my dream house will be very bright and welcoming and will be immaculate. I love IKEA so I can't wait to fill my house with their furniture and decor.

Have a happy Tuesday :)

Monday, October 25, 2010

Busy Weekend So Time to Catch Up

Oh my goodness! I had such a busy weekend and have an even busier week ahead of me...I take that back...I am pretty much busy 'till finals are over and that's not until early December. But, I am appreciative that life is keeping me occupied :) This weekend I worked Friday night as a hostess, Saturday night as a bridal assistant, and Sunday morning and afternoon as a hostess. It was a lot! And when I wasn't working, I was doing homework and working on my boyfriend and I's Halloween costumes- which I finally finished! Go me. Next weekend will be crazy too because I have lots of work and things to do for Halloween. I need a vacation!

Here are the days of the 30 Day Blog Challenge I missed...

Day 13: Goals

I tried to keep them in some sort of chronological order.

Get my research paper done for my Event Industry class

Get all of my Christmas shopping done by the end of November
(haha...not likely)

Get all A's and B's this semester

Start going to the Rosen College of Hospitality next semester
(branch of UCF)

Get my Bachelor's degree in Event Management and graduate with a good gpa

Get a good job with a wedding planning company
(hopefully I can stay with Blush for a while)

Move out of my parents' house

Get married
(big smile while typing that)

Buy a house

Open up my own wedding planning company

Have a beautiful family

Okay so this just ended up being the control-freak plan I have for my life...I even have ages I want to be for when all of these get accomplished...CRAZY! Believe me, I know. I know that God has a plan for me and I should just go with the flow.

Day 14: A Picture You Love...Pictures You Love

Obviously some of the pictures I have shown before I love as well but I wanted to show some other pictures you haven't seen yet.

My second family minus Joann (Rusty's mom). Love them to death and have known them since I was 12. Me with Rusty's stepdad and brothers on Father's Day.

My cousin Ryan. He is in the army and is currently in Afghanistan. I miss him so much and worry about him constantly. 

Me and Rusty on my birthday this past year.

Oh how I love this picture. This is my brother Braden who snuck into the pantry and stole a powdered doughnut and then was BUSTED. The fact that his shirt is rolled up and his belly is showing just makes it that much better :)

Day 15: Favorite Bible Verse

4 Love is patient and kind; love is not jealous or boastful;
5 it is not arrogant or rude. Love does not insist on its own way; it is not irritable or resentful;
6 it does not rejoice at wrong, but rejoices in the right.
7 Love bears all things, believes all things, hopes all things, endures all things.
8 Love never ends;
Corinthians 13:4-8

Trust in the LORD with all your heart and lean not on your own understanding;

Proverbs 3:5

UGH...I have school today. And lots of homework to do tonight. I hope I have a good day and I hope you guys do too!

Friday, October 22, 2010

Day 12 of the 30 Day Blog Challenge: What You Believe

Everything happens for a reason (look familiar?)

God has a plan for everyone and everything

God's plan for me is to bring joy to others through being a wedding planner :)

I have been blessed already with the love of my life

My parents and family are there to constantly support me and I know they will continue to do so

It's a busy Friday and weekend for me but have a great weekend!

Thursday, October 21, 2010

Day 11 of the 30 Day Blog Challenge: Favorite T.V. Shows

Oh boy...LOVE this. Television completes me. Here is my T.V. schedule from Monday through Sunday.

American Pickers (History Channel)
Pawn Stars (also on the History Channel)

Cupcake Wars- Recently cancelled? :(
Teen Mom (Just watched Finale Special but they are filming a third season! Yay!)

Law & Order: Special Victims Unit
L.A. Ink
South Park (Mostly just watch it because boyfriend makes me)

Project Runway

Don't have a show for this night...but I watch endless amounts of Food Network during the day before I have to work that night. My favorite show is Cooking For Real. I just love Sunny's recipes!

This is movie night- no T.V. for me :)

The Simpsons
The Cleveland Show
Family Guy

I learned a lesson worth sharing...
        In my humanities class we recently discussed the statement, "Everything happens for a reason". My humanities teacher, along with other students, were arguing the statement and questioning the reasons God has for letting unfortunate events happen. This definitely got me thinking and it made me realize that obstacles are put in our way to shape our souls. Without these tests of faith, our path of life would be boring and completely pointless. Saying this, God also puts different people in our lives to teach us lessons about life (sometimes even in the most random, coincidental places).
        My path was recently tested by a hurtful person hiding behind a mask of righteousness and I think it was God's way of warning me against those types of people. I am certainly not a person to judge but I think that there are so many people out there that claim to be something they are not- another words they are hypocrites. They can say how close they are to God one minute, and the next minute they are harassing someone with name calling. It's very sad and pathetic but it happens and I have definitely learned to be aware that those people are out there. I very much appreciate the lesson God has taught me and know that the only way to get through to the confused soul is to be the bigger, more mature person.

Have a great Thursday everyone...only one more day 'till Friday!

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Day 10 of the 30 Day Blog Challenge: Something You're Afraid Of

I am afraid of emotional pain. I absolutely hate being sad and I fear the day I lose someone close to me because I don't know how I would cope.

I am afraid of palmetto bugs. They are the Florida version of cockroaches except they come with an added bonus...THEY FLY. Gross gross gross.

I am a people pleaser so I am afraid of people not liking me. I know I just need to not care what people think of me but I can't help it. It's something I am working on...

I am afraid of not doing well in college. I push myself to my limits but if I were to lose my scholarships I don't know what I would do to pay for my tuition which keeps increasing by 15% each school year.

On to the rest of my day...

Although I have a full day of school today, 10:30 am to 5:45 pm- no breaks, I am excited for my day after school! Tonight after dinner, the boyfriend and I are going shopping. We are going to Target to get me some new black flats, then Michael's to get some scrapbooking and Halloween supplies. Then my favorite part of the day......pumpkin shopping! There is a cute little pumpkin patch at the high school near my house and we are going to pick us some great pumpkins to carve. I am beyond excited :)

Here are some pictures to get you in the spooky Halloween spirit.

Have a great Wednesday!

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Free Time to Get Caught Up!

Since I created my blog after the 30 Day Blog Challenge started, I missed the first four challenges. I have some free time from homework and laundry so I am going to catch up.

Day 1: Introduce, Recent Picture, and 15 Interesting Facts
My name is Kalina and I am 19 years old. I am a sophomore at the University of Central Florida and I am majoring in Event Management to eventually be a wedding planner. I currently have two jobs- I am a hostess and server at an Italian restaurant that my father owns, and I am an assistant wedding planner for this wonderful company called Blush that is very well known in Central Florida. I am a part of a family of 6 which includes two dogs and an unofficial 7th member which is my boyfriend. That's my life and I love livin it :)

I didn't have a recent picture of me so I just took one on my computer- the blonde hair is very new!

One: I was born in Santa Monica, California and lived there for 8 years before moving to Florida. California weather is the best!
Two: I am Mexican, Costa Rican, German, and Dutch. My pale skin comes from the German/Dutch in me. I wish I was tan :(
Three: I have an intense television schedule and since I work nights a lot, I could not live without my DVR. House, Teen Mom, Law & Order SVU...just a few of my favs.
Four: I LOVE cooking. Finding new recipes to try is one of my favorite things to do! My boyfriend is extremely picky though so I usually edit the recipes to his liking.
Five: Out of my three siblings, I am the only one that got my mom's green eyes. The rest have brown eyes like my dad.
Six: I am addicted to getting my nails done. Every two weeks  I get a fill put on my set of acrylics.
Seven: I hate driving. I unfortunately have to do it to get to school and work but I try to avoid it at all costs. I guess I find it scary? I don't really know.
Eight: I love playing with makeup. I watch endless amounts of YouTube tutorials on applying makeup and I get so excited when I get new makeup to add to my collection.
Nine: I can't stand walking around barefoot. I always have to have shoes or slippers on.
Ten: I spoke Spanish until I was three and only Spanish. We had a Spanish nanny and both my parents are bilingual so I didn't start speaking English 'till I was put in daycare. You wouldn't know it now; I can only speak very little, if any at all! It's very sad.
Eleven: My favorite color is green. It's so relaxing and reminds me of nature.
Twelve: I love crafts! I am currently working on a scrapbook and making my Halloween costume as well as my boyfriend's. Our costumes are will learn about them later :)
Thirteen: I have an obsession with weddings- hence me wanting to be a wedding planner. Something about being with the one you love and the commitment is so beautiful to me.
Fourteen: Cupcakes make me happy. I have said it before and I'll say it again. Cupcakes make me HAPPY.
Fifteen: I take a nap at least once a day. I would be exhausted if I didn't. A lot of people call me a grandma for doing so but sleeping is one of my favorite things to do, as sad as that sounds.  

Day 2: Meaning Behind Your Blog Name

"Te Amo Mucho" is Spanish for, "I love you a lot". Even though we speak English in my house, Spanish slips in once in a while because we are in fact mostly Hispanic. We always say, "te amo" to each other and my boyfriend and I even say it to each other so I thought it was perfect for my blog.

Day 3: Your First Love
I have said, "I love you" before to one past boyfriend and until I fell head over heels in love with Rusty, I didn't realize that it wasn't true love with my ex. True love is when you can completely be yourself with someone and share your feelings with them. They are your other half and you couldn't imagine your life without them. That's exactly what I have with Rusty and I can honestly say he is my first love and I know he will be my last. (Whoaaa super sappy! Sorry!)

Day 4: Your Parents
I was truly blessed with incredible parents and I am so lucky to have them. I love them with all my heart and I know that they are always going to be there for me when I need them.
At Medieval Times...crowns and all :)
Yay! Finally all caught up. Have a great rest of your Tuesday!

Day 9 of the 30 Day Challenge: A Picture of Your Friends

Buenos Dias! I love this day's challenge because I love looking at past pictures of my friends and I. Honestly, when I left high school and started going to UCF two years ago, a lot of friends just didn't stay along for the ride. I guess that only means that my best and true friends are the ones that still remain :)

This is me and Mackensie. This past summer we stayed in her condo off of New Smyrna Beach. It was an amazing time!

The water was absolutely freezing! We were caught off guard haha

This is Charlotte and I this past Easter at church. I have been friends with her since 6th grade! Such a long time :)

This is Hannah and me at Disney's Hollywood Studios about a year ago. We had so much fun going on Tower of Terror and Rockin Rollor Coaster.

Ahhhhh high school days...good times, good times. This was the last day of high school.

This is me and Jessica, who used to be my best friend. We had a falling out but high school wouldn't have been high school without her.

This is Rusty, my love and definitely my best friend. I can go to him about absolutely anything and we spend every day with one another. It's amazing we don't get sick of each other! haha

I have decided that sometime later today I am going to finally post the first few days of the 30 Day Blog Challenge that I long as I don't forget. 

I can't wait to see everyone else's pics of their friends!