Friday, October 29, 2010

Day 19: Something You Miss

Oh I have so much to do today! I just came back from bringing pizzas to my boyfriend's work and then I have laundry to fold, have to get potting soil from Home Depot, and then work on some homework all before I have to work as a hostess tonight. It's going to be a long Friday...

And today's challenge is very deppressing for me. The first thing that comes to mind is my dog. This past April, my dog Tika passed away and I miss her so much. I can honestly say, I remember the day we got her. I was three years old, almost four, and we drove to Southern California to go get a puppy (we were living near San Francisco so it was a LONG drive). I was so excited. When we got to the Toy Poodle breeder's house, the puppies were running around in the front yard. I instantly knew I wanted the smallest little girl- all black with a white patch on her neck. We named her Tika because "Tika" means "Costa Rican Girl" in Spanish. She was so tiny you could fit her in the palm of your hand! After that, Tika was my baby and she went with me everywhere. She even came on the plane with us for the move from California to Florida. She was such a sweet little blessing in my life and after fifteen years of having her, it was so hard to lose her. I know she is in Heaven running around like she did when she was a puppy and that thought alone is what comforts me.

We thought the sunglasses matched her collar perfectly :)

She was such a little lap dog and sooo sweet. Miss you and love you Tika!

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