Friday, January 21, 2011

Five Question Friday

1. Where did you meet your spouse boyfriend and did you instantly know it was love?
I have kind of mentioned this before but I'll go into detail for the first time right now. When I was in the 7th grade, I met a girl named Jessica at my middle school. She later became my best friend and we were inseparable! We were best friends through middle and high school and even my freshman year of college. Now Rusty is Jessica's step brother. Of course through the seven years of being Jessica's BFF, Rusty was always at her house just being Rusty. When I was younger, Rusty was just the annoying older brother that used to antagonize us girls. It was probably when I became a sophomore or junior in high school when Rusty started seeming pretty cute and a little crush developed :) Rusty is three years older than me though! Even though we liked each other, we never pursued anything because of the age difference and the fact that it was my best friend's brother. I know three years isn't a big deal but when a girl is 15 and a guy is 18, that's a whole 'nother story LOL. So after I graduated high school, Rusty and I became close. We were just friends but we talked to each other about life and relationships. It's kind of weird for Rusty and I because we have seen and met each other's past boyfriends and girlfriends. He has met all of my past boyfriends and I have met all of his past girlfriends. Kinda weird huh? Welllll we had been friends for a while and then it got to a point where we really wanted to give "us" a chance. I went to my friend and told her how I felt about Rusty. Let's just say she was not thrilled about it. To this day, I don't know why I couldn't have been friends with her and been happy with Rusty. I used to balance my time with each of them...when I was at her house to chill with her, I paid no attention to Rusty and vice versa. I thought it was very selfish of her to say that I had to choose either her or Rusty. Both meant a lot to me so I refused to make that decision. Jessica ended up making that decision for herself and moved out of her house last April. She hasn't spoken to me since. Their family was totally understanding of the situation but no one understood what her problem was. She still sees her dad (Rusty's step dad) occasionally but she distanced herself from both me and her family. It's sad to talk about but I know that I am lucky to have Rusty and his family in my life. Was it instant love? NO! LOL not at all. There was a point where I couldn't stand him. It took time for us to fall completely head over heels for each other :)
I am so sorry for how long that turned out! I don't expect anyone to read all of that...
2. What is your favorite room in your house?
Probably my bedroom. Only place to get some peace and quiet!
3. Can you wiggle your ears?
I totally wish I could but sadly I can't.
4. What is your evening ritual?
Well after work, I take a shower and then lay in bed while watching television and doing homework in my PJs.
5. How many hours of sleep do you need to function?
Probably 5 hours to function however I work best with 8 hours.
Happy Friday everyone! Have a wonderful weekend :)

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  1. love stories are great no matter the length. Maybe the wedding or in the future a baby will bring you and Jessica back together. But at least you can be happy for the time you had.


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