Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Day 11 of 11 in 2011 Blog Challenge: Things I am Looking Forward to in 2011

I have already mentioned some of these before but it makes me happy to talk about them so why not do it again? :)

 One. 2011 brings on year two for Rusty and I
Two. I am at a beautiful new campus for the rest of my college 
Three. I will be getting more work with my second job as a bridal assistant
Four. This summer I am going on a Caribbean cruise with the boyfriend and family
Five. This year I will finally be in my 20's
Six. Fall 2011, I will be a junior in college!

Thanks Kit and MJ for this wonderful challenge to bring us into the new year!


  1. This is great that you will be working more as a bridal assistant,your future field of work! Do you help brides to choose their dress?

  2. I think you have so many fun things to look forward to in 2011!! :)

    Thanks for participating in the 11in 2011 link up! :)

  3. Great little list! I am a little green about the cruise! *Insert pouty face*

  4. You have some great things to look forward to this year!

    Thanks for linking up!


I really appreciate your comments! Have a wonderful day :)