Friday, November 5, 2010

It's Friday!

Fun Fridays

Today I decided to link up with Jen from A Girl in Pearls & A Boy with Toys!

My Fun Friday will start with a recap of what happened yesterday.

I had lunch yesterday with my friend Charlotte and it was so much fun catching up with her- it's been too long since I have seen her!

We ate at Panera and I love A LOT. Their Asiago Roast Beef Sandwich with a bowl of French Onion or Broccoli Cheddar soup is amazing.


And today is going to be wonderful too because my boyfriend comes home! You have no idea how much I have missed him. It's the longest we have ever been apart and it was awful. I am happy that he is moving up in his job and being offered travel opportunities but I am selfish in wanting him home, I can't help it.

I took off work tonight to spend time with him and I am so excited! We are going out to dinner and a movie and then my favorite, dessert. I love date nights.

We are probably going to see Jackass 3D. It's guy humor so I know the boyfriend will love it, and I will just close my eyes during all the gross parts.

And my fun continues because it's finally getting cold in Florida-thank God!

That means shopping! Well at least for me it did. I mentioned my online shopping with Charlotte Russe earlier in the week and my package finally arrived :)

When you order something online and the package finally arrives, doesn't that just bring sheer and utter happiness to you?

Well it does for me that's fo sho.

Here's what I got, all for around only $85.

Oh how I love my purchases. Go check out the Charlotte Russe website! 

I hope you all have a fun friday as well!


  1. CUTE boots and adorable blog; thanks for playing along :)

  2. Super nice boots! Is it standard sizes on Charlotte russe website? (or you have to take a taller size than usual?)


I really appreciate your comments! Have a wonderful day :)