Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Miscellany Tuesday

Okay it's another Tuesday that I am going to pass as Miscellany because yesterday was President's Day. I did NOT have school off however everyone else and their mother (boyfriend and my family) had off from school and work so I may have skipped my second class of the day. Alright I did skip my second class of the day but it's the very first time I have skipped a class this entire school year! I do feel rather guilty for it but I have a friend in that class that is willing to let me copy her notes :)

one. I had some goodies waiting for my boyfriend after he worked on Friday night. I baked him oatmeal chocolate chip cookies (YUM) and bought him a 143 T-shirt. He says it all the time...his way of saying "I (1) Love (4) You (3)".

two. I spent my extra time yesterday tanning. I am starting to get my color back! I am hoping to go to the beach this Sunday to get some more.

three. On Valentine's Day I made an amazing chicken recipe and it's been quite selfish of me to keep it to myself. It tasted good and was very easy to make! The link is right here. I substituted Mozzarella cheese for Fontina and it was still wonderful. Even my picky boyfriend loved it so I would imagine it's kid-friendly.
four. I am so looking forward to Friday! The boyfriend and I have the night off and we are going to have a date night at a new local Japanese restaurant that I went to this weekend which was amazing. My family had been wanting to try it and the food was delicious! Can't wait to introduce Rusty to it.  

five. I really need to go swimsuit shopping. I am thinking of getting a yellow one. I would love to get a new one sometime before this weekend!

Happy Tuesday everyone :)


  1. oh my gosh!!!!!!!! I want a shirt like that. We say 143 all da time!! :) Share your source, girlie.

  2. Hoooo you are going to the beach!!! We really live in 2 different worlds!!! Your world is warm and mine is cold haha!
    I have not been to the beach in ages!!!

    I miss my date nights with B! You are so lucky to go for dinner with him! I can't wait to do that again!

  3. Swimsuit shopping is fun! I've been looking for a pink one, and I think I found the perfect one at VS!

  4. Is the 143 thing common or between you two? Either way what a sweet thing to do.

    I have a yellow bikini and they are great but be prepared for EVERYONE to sing the yellow poka dot bikini song to you.

    Have a fantastic romantic weekend!


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