Monday, February 7, 2011

All You Need Is LOVE Challenge: Me Time


When I need some me time, I LOVE to...

1. Take a hot bath. Whenever I need time to myself to relax or think, a nice hot bubble bath will do the trick.
2. Lay in bed and watch Food Network. Although I don't cook as much as I used to, I never get sick of watching other people cook.

3. Sleep! lol yes...I would consider napping "me time".

4. Blog. Reading what you lovelies have to say always makes me happy.

5. Shop online. I have had an obsession with this lately because I don't have time to venture out and shop anymore.

You all can link up here!


  1. I love blogging and shopping online!! :)

  2. I love baths and sleeping too - i love when my me time is relaxing :)

    Thank you SO much for linking up today! See you tomorrow!!!

  3. Online shopping.. oh man. I could win myself a trip to the show Intervention with all the online shopping I do!

    Thanks so much for playing!

    And your blog is adorable, by the way :)

  4. Blogging and shopping are also my faves!


I really appreciate your comments! Have a wonderful day :)