Thursday, December 30, 2010

A Late Christmas Recap

Sorry my recap is late! It's a long post to make up for my absence :)

My Christmas Eve was amazing! I went to the boyfriend's house before the Christmas Eve service at my church and that is where his mom gave me my new Betsey Johnson bracelet. I love it so much!

Later that night after church, I went back over to the boyfriend's house and this time I brought the little brother and sister with me because Santa (boyfriend's stepdad) was going to be there! My boyfriend's family always has a big party on Christmas Eve with their family.

and Braden

And as it is tradition, pretty much everyone had to sit on Santa's lap...

The boyfriend
"Mrs. Claus" aka boyfriend's mom
 Once everyone from the party left, we exchanged gifts with his immediate family.   

I have to say my favorite gift from Rusty was the promise ring he gave me! It's black and white diamonds....ahhhh :)

Now that was just Christmas Eve! Christmas day was spent at my house with the family.

Cutest stocking stuffer ever?

Cupcakes galore! My mother just encourages my obsession :)

Please excuse the lack of makeup!
My dad looks so fly in his new leather jacket
And then Rusty came later to open his gifts from my parents and eat Christmas dinner with my family.
I hope you all had an amazing Christmas and have a wonderful New Year's!

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  1. Great post! I should do a Christmas recap soon me too!

    I love your new bracelet! And what about that ring... Gorgeous!!!

    I have a similar cupcakes pyjamas, it's so comfortable!

    Funny to see someone wearing shorts for Christmas, we can't do that here, too cold and too much snow ha!


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