Monday, December 6, 2010

Day Fourteen: Oprah's Favorite Things

I have been a bad blogger this past weekend because I have been so busy with work and wrapping up school! Last week was my last full week of school but I had a take-home final to do and I have another final tomorrow and some online homework assignments that are due next Monday. My humanities teacher thought he would be sneaky and even though we don't have class anymore, he can still assign homework online...I don't really like him that much to say the least. It will all be over soon!

Now I would catch up on Day 12 and Day 13 of the challenge but right now all my family has is a bare Christmas tree and no I don't bake any homemade cookies that don't come from a bag or can. I am more of a fudge/brownie/cake person. I will be posting on my Christmas decorations later this week though :)

Now on to Oprah's Kalina's Favorite Things...

Amazon Kindle

iPhone 4G

Full HD LED Television

Blu-Ray Player

Betsey Johnson Dress

I would be oh so happy if I received these things while in Oprah's audience!

So sad that this blog challenge is over :( It was fun getting to know new bloggers while also getting in the Christmas spirit! Thanks Aly and Molly!

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  1. OH! I would take all of those questions asked :) It was great getting to know you better during this challenge!


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