Monday, August 29, 2011

Miscellany Monday

Miscellany Monday @ lowercase letters

It's Monday which means I am starting yet another busy week!

one. School has already gotten me stressed out and it's only been a week since it started. UGH. I received an unexpected email Thursday night that I had been dropped from one of my classes due to not having the correct pre-requisites. This made me super angry for two reasons.  

1. I registered for this class during Spring semester which was before Summer even started. Why on earth would this guy Josh wait to email me the night before the add/drop period ended?!

2. When I registered for the class, I had to register with an advisor in the Office of Student Services. Why would they approve me to register for a class if I didn't have the correct pre-requisites?!

Let's just say I am not very happy with my school right now...

two. The latest addition to Rusty's house is a giant pool table right smack dab in the center of his front living room/dining room. I guess that was the final item that needed to be added to completely define his house as a man cave. 

three. Speaking of man cave, I am SO VERY TIRED of cleaning up after Rusty and his two other roommates. I know that no one is forcing me to be their maid but I have OCD (I seriously do) and it is impossible for me to just let his house be a pig sty. If it isn't dirty dishes in the sink, it's car parts on the kitchen table or clothes on the floor. I don't live there, but I am there all the time and I can't stand it!

four. There are four holidays coming up that I am thrilled for:

The first is Labor Day on September 5th which means no school for me :) 

The second is my birthday on September 8th! I will be the big 2-0. 

The third is Rusty's birthday on October 10th. He will be 23. That seems so old to me. (No offense)

And finally, I am super excited for Halloween. I absolutely love dressing up. I just need to think of a cute couples' costume idea...any ideas???

Wishing y'all a wonderfully productive week!



  1. Be the paper bag princess and a dragon :D

  2. haha I'm 26, how old does that seem? lol jk

  3. This class thing is so frustrating!!!

    I also used to clean my boyfriend's apartment when he was living with 2 roommates (their shower was sometimes so disgusting and I was not going to take my shower in a dirty shower like that!) It was annoying because his roommates were so messy!

    I'm also starting to think about Halloween costumes! Still searching for a costume!

    I will be back to blogging soon! I'm writing a post right now! Check it out tomorrow if you have any free time!

    Have a great week girl!


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