Tuesday, July 5, 2011

My Fourth of July

So the plans to go to Rusty's cousin's house wen't down the drain because at the last minute, Rusty decided he didn't wan't to go. So we just came to my house and relaxed. It was a very enjoyable Fourth of July for us.

Yes that is a strawberry margarita you see...YUM

P.S. Today marks another 6 months for Rusty and I :) Only 6 more months and it will be 2 years for us!


  1. Oh my goodness that food looks delicious! JEALOUS of the margarita :D And HURRAY for another 6 months! That's so exciting :D

  2. I did strawberry margaritas on the 4th too! Hey you have to be patriotic with the red:)


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