Thursday, September 22, 2011

Where's Kalina?

I have been freaking busy! I can honestly say that this semester has been the most stressful out of my college career. It's a lot of hard work and pressure when I work so much on top of going to addition, every moment of free time I have is spent working on Rusty's humble abode.

Here is a recap of what's been going on with me lately:

My birthday turned out to be a great day. Poor Rusty was sick, but after taking some medicine he started to feel better and we were able to do a little shopping before I had to work. He also surprised me while I was working with a gorgeous bouquet of pink, yellow, and red roses. My daddy also got me flowers so I raked it in :)

Rusty's house is starting to look amazing! And I am having a blast searching for decorations. There is still a lot more to do but here are some pics of what it looks like so far...

I avoided showing you guys the rooms that were super messy haha

Not only does the inside of his house need help but the outside needs major landscaping! I have to keep telling myself that it takes time and it can't all be done at once.

Other things on my mind have been what to get Rusty for his birthday on October 10th and can't Christmas just be here already?!!

I promise I will try my very best to be a better blogger from now on.



  1. Hooo gorgeous flowers!!!
    The house looks great and everything will eventually get done!
    I understand how college can be so stressful sometimes!

  2. Glad you had a wonderful birthday. It is so nice to get flowers. I love when they are delivered.


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